Cover Reveal: César L. Bauqerizo

Hello friends and hungry readers!

We are so excited to be releasing the cover for César L. Baquerizo's LGBTQI novel, A Safe Place With You. 

This novel has already been making the rounds and enjoying its popularity in South America - where the first edition was released in Spanish. Now, we are thrilled to released the English edition.

Along with it, the all new and revised cover. We went through quite a few proofs to end up with this gem, and we will be showing those proofs to you shortly. In the meantime, let's not delay!

A Safe Place With You

We wanted something that left an air of mystery, showed connection and also tapped into the youth struggling through this novel. I don't want to give too much away, we have some secrets to keep and a few more blogs to write about this title. Presale will be up shortly and the title will go live on GoodReads this week.

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