What cover did Leslie Hauser choose for Chasing Eveline?

Sometimes we design a cover set and knock it out of the park right from the first throw. Sometimes we have an idea that just doesn't come out in the design process, and, sometimes, that design process takes around 40 tries to find the right one that will leave the author gasping.

In the case of Chasing Eveline, we were THERE, we just weren't there. Leslie's history with this title is a journey in itself - having had a publishing contract, made her announcements, and was forced to watch as her publisher went bankrupt and took her dream with them. To get the perfect cover was extremely crucial this time, not just for the representation of the manuscript but to give finality to Leslie's dream.

We started with our usual five proofs as stated in the contract. They were nice, they will work for some book, but not THIS book. We created some more, that were closer, but still missing the right emotional tie-in. I knew they weren't right but I couldn't pin down exactly WHY they weren't right. I went to the editor working on this novel, Trish, and asked her what she loved about Chasing Eveline. Her answer and connection to the title was on a different spectrum - we didn't even connect to the same pieces or pick up on the same important scenes in the same way. This conversation helped to show a different side of the novel and spawned yet another set.

This time, we were close...very close...but we didn't have the clear cut winner. We played with some variations and created some light attachments to one design. My eyes were a little crossed by this point and I even put the tile on backwards. Hey, it happens!

Then, while working on a dark and gloomy cover for J.M. O'Sullivan, something happened with little thought. I decided to share it with Leslie and her response was pretty telling that this was the one.

Let's take a look:

So, which one was it? Can you pick out the first set from the final set? Can you spot the winner?

We will announce the final cover on March 20, 2017. If you are a part of Leslie's Facebook Launch Team, you will get to see the final cover March 19. If you are not, but are passionate about books, authors, and making things happen, join the launch team for complimentary digital copies, sneak peeks, and more!

Comment below with which cover you love and/or which cover you think Leslie picked for this coming-of-age YA drama? The first person to pick the final cover in the comments will win an autographed copy of the final book. We will also pick one comment at random to win the digital editions of our entire 2017 catalogue!