The Covers That Weren’t – Ralph Pullins

Hello dear friends and readers!

We hope that today is treating you well and you are gearing up for spring as March takes hold.

When we reveal our covers that we design for the books we publish, we also love to share the covers that did not make the cut. We can sometimes go through 25+ cover proofs before we actually find the right design. It takes time, attention to detail, hearing what the author wants and understanding market trends. Quite a few of our authors say they want a cover like The Fault in Our Stars or The Beginning of Everything. These are beautiful covers, but they don't always fit the book due to genre, audience, or story. It's always our goal to give the authors what they think they want, what we think they need, what they think they don't want, and another cover proof somewhere in the middle.

When Ralph Pullins told us what he wanted, we were stoked (to say the least). We had an excellent opportunity to really dig deep and try to create something fresh, fun, and out of the YA oriented genre. It reminded us quite a bit of working on the cover for David O'Sullivan's The Bomber, which is actually going through an update of its own. The new cover for David will appear next week!

Ralph's novel, Antiartists, is bold and dangerous. It dives into destruction on multiple planes - destruction we create for ourselves, the destruction we feed into others, and physical destruction when we need an outlet. The book talks about famous pieces of art and we wanted to incorporate this into the final design - or so we thought.

The launch team for Antiartists starts today and we still have a few openings for eager readers to join us. Do you want to help Ralph launch his book? You'll get an Advanced Reader Copy in digital format, exclusive sneak peeks, the opportunity to talk directly with the author and learn about his process for writing and finding inspiration. Trust us when we say Ralph is one of the most driven authors we know. He runs our monthly work-in-progress slack channel and encourages all of our authors to keep writing, keep producing, and keep focused on their goals.

Sign up for the launch team by clicking here.

We presented Ralph with quite a few options, and we liked them, but it didn't match the emotion or the angst we wanted. We decided to completely change direction, keeping the colors to red, black, and white, and going more font driven. We were inspired by Camus covers with a modern, nondescript imagery and by font driven covers - but we didn't want all of the font to be readable. We wanted to keep parts of the quote we selected to pop out and parts of the quote to fade away. If you haven't seen the cover yet, here is the final in its beautiful and angsty glory:


So, what were these beautiful covers that did NOT make the cut? View the gallery to see some of the ones we didn't select. What do you think? Did we pick the right one?