The Covers That Weren’t: Anvil Soul

There is only one day to go until you can get your hands on the beauty that is Anvil Soul by David O'Sullivan. We adore this book and have been on quite the journey with the oh so fabulous author during its creation.

"What journey?" you might ask. Well, we asked him to rewrite the entire book from a new December. We left ourselves with little to no time to squeeze the book out and our team went into overdrive. David is a champ and he barreled right through with our amazing head editor, Rachel Edgell.

We were left with a beautiful story of morality that did a complete 180 from the original text.

Before we show you the covers we did not choose, and the one we did, we ask you one question. What would you do if you dedicated yourself to a lifestyle of high ethics to find those around you, under the same code, were creating havoc? Follow the challenges and choices of Father O'Ryan as the church starts to crack in front of his eyes. He has two bullets, what (or who) does he choose to use them on?

Here are the covers that didn't make the cut:

And there's one more beauty that stubbornly does not want to be included. We played with many ideas for this cover, including creating stained glass pieces, writing the name out with rosary beads, playing off of good vs. evil, and then, the change happened. When the final manuscript came back it was just so beautiful that we scratched our previous designs and started fresh.

Dionne's favorite was the drip over the priest's bloody collar or the target overlayed with the image of a priest. A little bold and challenging. David elected the flat design of the church and wanted the blood removed. With the changes in the story to a softer, more subtle progression of Father O'Ryan, we agreed.

This left us with our beauty of a final cover:

Anvil Soul by David O'Sullivan

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