Scott Thompson talks the art of the #humblebrag


What is your favorite way to promote your work?

I don’t like to promote myself. I’m a humble person. Okay, that’s not a way to start a post about promotion, I guess, but that’s the truth. What I don’t mind promoting is my work. I feel that anything creative will mean different things to different people, and when it’s “out there” it no longer belongs to the creator, but to those who view the work and make their own interpretations. My latest book, Eight Days, is a story about life, love, family. I believe in Eight Days, and I believe that it has real value for some readers because they will take from it what they need, and that’s why I promote what I do.

So, what’s my favorite way to promote my writing? Simple. It’s talking directly to readers. I love to sit in a room with other lovers of the written word and talk about books. Words were never easy for me to read or to create when I was a kid, and maybe that’s why I value them so much now. There were times when I was a child that I wondered if I would ever be able to understand the words on pages and what they all meant. Maybe     it was my childhood fear of never understanding that makes me appreciate the written word now. That power is a gift I don’t take lightly, and that’s why I love being in a room with others who truly appreciate the power of words.

Before my first book came out, I spoke a friend who had already published several books with good success. I asked her advice for readings and events. She told me that there would be readings when only one person showed, but to treat that one person like they were an auditorium of 100. This was good advice, because in the coming months after my first novel’s launch I had book events where two people showed and fifty showed. And, to be honest, while I enjoyed the large crowds, I was able to spend much more time with the smaller groups. There’s no group too large, or too small, if you are with people like you. As long as we’re talking about books we love, it’s time well spent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If I can’t talk face to face with someone, discussing writing and books over the phone is the next best thing. I’ve spoken with several radio personalities about my writing, and we’ve all had wonderful discussions. Some were challenging, some didn’t agree with me or even like my writing, but we all had great discussions about books and their power.

I talk to someone almost every day about writing. Sometimes they ask for my tips or help with their own writing, and I try to answer as often as possible. Other times I ask someone more experienced than me about writing, and often they answer. Other times it’s just a verbal nod that we both appreciate the same stories, and that’s enough, because we both understand the love that is the story. We both know the value of the written word.