Our Christmas List

Christmas is just around the corner. We can hardly wait - mainly because we are getting tired of these papercuts from wrapping so many amazing presents.

You can smell the pine, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar everywhere you turn. If your part of the world is like our's, you can probably taste these treats in the air as well!

What bookish gifts did you ask for on your Christmas list?

We asked our authors what their characters would want and here's what they said.

Scout from Scout's Honor by Dori Ann Dupré

When Scout was 14, she wanted nothing more than a phone in her bedroom.

Dan Lemon from When Life Hands You A Lemon by Mike Hansen

After escaping certain death (or did he?), or maybe before he was kidnapped, Dan Lemon would ask for a gift card to a restaurant to spice things up for a night with his wife.


J.M. Sullivan will be releasing Alice - Book One of The Wanderland Chronicles in late summer, 2017.

Her main character, Alice, is in the fight of her life with some nasty undead...things. What would she want?

Alice would love a new blanket. The one she has is getting old and ratty and doesn’t keep her very warm anymore. And books. Always books. Preferably fiction - any escape from the momerath and general life after the Plague is welcome.


Also from our new author line-up, Amanda Gernentz Hanson chimed in on one of her characters from Something Beautiful.

Cordelia is a fan of old movies, and she'd like to add some classics to her collection - Rebel Without a Cause, Breakfast at Tiffany's, On the Waterfront, etc.