Cover Reveal: Something Beautiful

A few weeks ago, we teased you with the proof set for Amanda Gernetz Hanson's YA novel, Something Beautiful.

Let's do a quick review:


The cover proofs for Something Beautiful. Find out which cover Amanda picked at

Wasn't that proof set, well, something beautiful? Yes, yes it was. The debate over which cover was finally chosen raged in Amanda's Facebook Launch Team Group and evolved into a deep breakdown of why each one may or may not fit. It was possibly one of our most interactive cover proof discussions to date. To say we think Amanda's Launch Team rocks is an understatement!

Well, are you ready? Amanda made her selection and requested a few changes. We took the proof, made another set of 5 new background options and the final cover art for Something Beautiful is now ready to be seen. We still have a few tweaks with the author name, but here she is:



The final cover for Something Beautiful by Amanda Gerentz Hanson |

We hope you enjoy this cover as much as we do! Do you think Amanda picked the right one? Leave your comment below!