Cover Reveal: Ralph Pullins – Antiartists

Hello friends,

We have a beauty of a cover to share with you today and it has been so hard to hold this one back! Author Ralph Pullins joins us this year with his novel, Antiartists, releasing on May 17, 2016.

This is a fun one, let me tell you. Have you ever just wanted to be a rebel to end all rebels? Ruin something famous, like, oh say, the David, The Mona Lisa, or Starry Night? Have you ever been in a museum and thought of how exciting it would be to pull a Thomas Crown Affair and pull the perfect heist?

If you are a fan of Camus, Vonnegut, Robbins or Kafka, then this is THE summer read for you.

We enjoyed making this cover and it really pushed us. We made quite a few designs before settling on this one. We were given directions to play with famous pieces of art, destroy famous pieces of art, kidnap famous pieces of art, burn famous pieces of art, but most importantly, find a way to convey the angst and internal monologue of the protagonist.

The set of covers that we didn't select as the final are perhaps our favorite set of "covers that didn't make it". We will show these to you next week, this week, we will show you the covers that César L. Baquerizo did not select for his upcoming release, A Safe Place With You. Starting in March, The Covers That Weren't can be purchased over on our sister site, French Press Bookworks, if you find one that you can't live without.

To talk about this cover, we finally settled on a quote from the book that we really felt summarized the full emotional journey that this novel will take you through. To capture the angst, we played with a mixture of fonts and hand-brushed lettering drawn out by our Editor - in-Chief. That quote is:

That quote so furiously, confusingly, lovingly, energetically, and harmoniously sprawled across the cover is:

"The artist, when he creates, can only show himself; in that sense art is a window into another soul.   The irony is, when we perceive the art, all we can see is ourselves.  Art is not a window, but a mirror.  How we react to the art is not from the art, but from within ourselves.  The meaning can only come from within."

Let that quote roll around your tongue and sink in. Then, realize that however it makes you feel, you will dive into each page in this novel with the same emotion. Are you sold yet? We sure hope so because it is a beauty of a written work.

Here is the cover in all of it's stunning glory:


What you see here is the digital cover as well as the front of the print edition. The full quote wraps around the full binding. We drew inspiration from various covers created for the likes of Camus, Orwell, and Vonnegut.

If you would like to sign up to be a part of Ralph's launch team, which includes getting a read for review Advanced Reader Copy and awesome sneak peeks at the book to blast out to your social media following, head on OVER HERE to sign up.

You can connect with Ralph on his blog,, and on social media under @dissentwithin. Ralph is available for interviews, guest posts, and can make limited appearances around Michigan for book clubs or events.