Cover Reveal: Prisma by Lian Villanueva Lansang

Happy #FundayFriday, and as always when we have a cover reveal, what a fun day this Friday is!

Today we will be doing our second cover reveal for our 2017 catalogue. Lian Villanueva Lansang is a young voice out of California. She has been an absolute gem to work with, taking all feedback and suggestions in stride and doing a complete transformation of her key narrator.

Her debut YA Coming of Age novel will have its official release date set soon. If you are waiting for that announcement, you can stay up to date on all things Lian by joining her Facebook Launch Team: click here.

Earlier this year, we showed you the beautiful cover proofs that we created for Lian. We also discussed the challenges of this title, because we could have taken the manuscript in a few different directions. This was a unique design for us - the cover was developed before the editing and stylings were finalized, and the cover itself ended up being a tool for the editing discussions.

To recap, here's the proof set:


Have courage, and be kind.

The launch teams are always full of discussions when it comes to what cover the members feel the author should choose. This one had an overwhelming favorite - a true first!

We are happy to show you the final cover, and, let you know that yes, you picked the right one!

It's the final cover for Lian Villanueva Lansang's

As always, we would love to know your final thoughts. We have a feeling you'll be happy since so many of you picked this explosive cover to begin with.

Cheers, happy Friday, and #HappyReading!