Alice in Wanderland: Cover Proofs

We love a good retelling and J.M. Sullivan brings a whole new side of danger to Alice's journey in her debut novel, Alice (The Wanderland Chronicles).

What would you do if you fell down the rabbit hole only to discover everything on the other side is dead...and it wants you to be as well? Alice is in for the fight of her life, and this time, the Queen is not her only enemy.

We knew this cover had to be dark. It had to evoke danger and discomfort. But, at the same time, we needed to connect to Wonderland and the whimsy that we all expect from this topsy-turvy world.

The original title was Alice in Wanderland. And, like we tend to do, we decided to shake it up a little and push for a title change. Okay, it was the author's idea but we couldn't agree more with the idea. The change was subtle, but sometimes subtlety creates strength.

Here's what we created for the proof set:

We originally had a favorite - I'm sure you can tell which one it is by the variations on the font style. However, we threw one in to the mix at the last minute that ended up being our winner. Now, the question for you is, "Which one is it?"

Can you guess? The first person to pick the correct cover will get an autographed copy of the final book. We will also select one comment at random to win the entire 2017 catalogue in digital format. How amazing is that?

The final cover will be revealed on March 3, 2017. However, if you don't want to wait that long, you can join J.M.'s Facebook Launch Team. We will reveal the final cover on the 2nd, and, you will also get sneak peeks of book teasers, exclusive author interviews and chat sessions, and get a digital copy of Alice in exchange for a review.