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Welcome to Pen Name Publishing

Pen Name Publishing was founded in 2014 with the goal to find 'Bold Stories by Bold Voices': books that challenge the reader, speak to modern issues in society, and give independent authors the opportunity to publish with a community of like-minded authors.

We aren't your typical publishing house. We believe in creating a community, in offering trainings and classes, and celebrating our authors - not just their books.

Beginning in 2018, we are going to operate a little differently. We're no longer taking the traditional publishing route. Instead, we're going to focus on the next generation of undiscovered authors, working with them from conception to final product.

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If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to e-mail us: inquiries@pennamepublishing.com

How much do you charge for publishing?

That's a simple question - NOTHING. Publishers that charge are known as vanity presses. They take money from you to leverage their expense, and some still take part of your royalties. We do not ask for a dime, instead, we give you all you need. We handle your cover, formatting, necessary editing, ISBN, copyright, and worldwide distribution. We also give you 24/7 access to our team and other authors in our Slack channel, a set of book teasers for social media, access to our resource and author tool library, custom social media headers, 3-D images of your book, files for printable marketing materials like bookmarks and postcards, one-on-one marketing chats, and a plan to help you grow your personal outreach for your author brand.

Where are your books sold?

Our print books are distributed through the Ingram network. Ingram gives us the opportunity to see our books sold in close to 160 countries and close to 10,000 online stores including Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-A-Million, Amazon, and many more.

Our digital books are sold through a number of online distributors and individual retailers. You can find them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, GooglePlay, Kobo, Scribd, Oyster, and if you have a retailer you prefer to use but can't find our books, we will try to get there as well!

How long does it take to go through the publishing process?

The time needed from signing to release depends on the individual book. We prefer clean manuscripts that are publishing ready. However, we have an amazing team of staff editors ready to work with any manuscript that we can't pass up.

A clean manuscript can go from signing to market in as little as four months. The pre-launch phase is invaluable to the success of a book, and we won't budge on utilizing this vital marketing time.

A manuscript that needs considerable editing can take six months to over a year. This depends on how long the editing sessions take.

When we first started, we wanted to be a new style of publisher that let the authors call the shots and give us the book they wanted on the market. Unfortunately, that didn't always go over so well with the readers. We still let our authors steer the developmental process, but we make sure the book is nothing short of perfect when it gets on the market.

What do your authors get?

We approach each author differently. We find out what they want out of our relationship and what they expect. Regardless, all of our authors get full editing, custom covers, custom book formatting, ISBN’s, copyright filing, marketing plans, quarterly social media assessments, and access to our author resource library. This library is stocked with information for your success including how to plan and execute various strategies related to your writing goals.

We also design custom files for printable collateral, create custom social media headers and post images, organize and run each author’s launch team, and actively pursue book reviews through blogs, NetGalley, Instagram, YouTube, and GoodReads.

Some authors want more hand holding; some want more independence. Whatever you decide, we're here to work for you!

Why should I choose a publisher instead of self-publishing?

We can’t tell you to pick one or the other. Truthfully, it’s up to you what kind of journey you want to take.

Estimates say 4000 books are published every single day, so whichever path you chose, you need to stand out. If you do want to self-publish, you need to know your budget and what you’re willing to invest before you start the journey or you’ll be disappointed. You need professional editing, a sharp cover that sets you apart from the competition, and a marketing plan.

If you go with a publisher, you still need to understand your role as an author in modern publishing and understand that you still have some work to do on your end. Your personal author platform needs dedication and discipline. We believe in partnership and have multiple training classes to teach you how to start, schedule, organize and write a blog, how to run your personal social media, and how to build your personal writing career. But, what many authors forget, is their brand and their personal social media is their responsibility.

A publisher can also help with worldwide distribution, foreign rights and translations, movie and television rights, audiobooks, and licensing – areas you may not feel ready to tackle on your own.

How do I submit?

Our submission process is fairly simple. You can read about it by clicking here.


'The Before Now and After Then'
Peter Monn
eLit Excellence in Digital Design Silver Award, 2015
'Scout's Honor'
Dori Ann Dupré
Reader's Favorite Five Star Review

Reader's Favorite International Book Awards: Southern Fiction Bronze Medalist

'Eight Days'
Scott Thompson
Amazon Top-100 Bestseller Inspirational Fiction


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