Cover Reveal: Chasing Eveline

Welcome to Monday, friends!

How is your manuscript today? Are you hard at writing or hardly writing? If it helps jump start your word count for the week, we are happy to bring you another beautiful cover reveal today.

Chasing Eveline by Leslie Hauser is a Young Adult novel with an epic quest - reunite one of the most popular bands of the 1980s, and Ivy's mother's favorite band. Unfortunately, Ivy's mom has disappeared and no one really remembers Chasing Eveline except for Ivy and her best friend, Matt.Well, that and the fact that Ivy and Matt are in the US and Chasing Eveline are in Ireland.

This novel will take you through the complex layers of friendship, family, dreams, and coming of age. A story this involved needed an absolutely perfect cover - it needed to reflect change, opportunity, adventure, and optimism. After around 40 tries (click here to see the covers we didn't pick

), we finally found the right cover on a last minute try.

Are you ready to see the cover Leslie picked? Here she is:


Isn't she beautiful? We are beyond excited to have found the perfect match of whimsy and hope, and a cover that the author loves. It's always great when our authors gasp, shed a tear, or know THAT one is THE one.

Head on over to Twitter, let Leslie know what you think by tweeting to her: @lhauser27

Review copies open on April 11th. If you want to review Chasing Eveline, join the Facebook launch group by clicking here.